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Being Healthy In All Areas Of My Life . . .

January 1st, 2015

Being Healthy In All Areas Of My Life . . .

. . . dance . . . sing . . . celebrate the entire year . . . be happy no matter what date is on the calendar . . . enjoy being . . .

Today is the first day of a new year. Every day is a new day, but today the calendar says, it is the first day in the first month in a new year. This is the first draft of my first entry for my blog.

My resolution is simple, being healthy in all areas of my life . . .

I found that every resolution was an excuse to work hard. It never resolved my issues. It didn't make my thoughts active, lively and spirited. I couldn't feel the movement, life and growth within me. I didn't percolate with energy. It was fracturing, making compartments and complicating my life.

Being whole, real and taking responsibility for being the thriving spirit that I truly am. Sounds complicated but it is really simple.

Remembering to be healthy in all areas of your life is the challenge. It is rethinking the thoughts you build into your life every moment of every day.

I believe that what I think becomes what I believe and what I believe is what I create in my life. We all do the same thing. You think thoughts. Your thoughts percolate and become your beliefs. Your beliefs are the structure of what you allow into your life. Fractured thoughts produce beliefs that lack the strength to nourish your true spirit. Life giving thoughts resolve issues before they form into problems.

My journey is gathering oneness. Resolving barriers by releasing them with touchstones. My artwork sends uplifting messages that change lives in positive ways. My touchstones communicates on a whimsical, nonverbal level that promotes genuine smiles. Reminder thoughts and images that help me balance my thinking. It is the spirit of that fantastic being that I truly am but don't quite believe is possible.

Dance even though you don't fully believe in yourself, yet. Sing your song even though the melody isn't natural, yet. Find your voice, your own grace and ease. Be the thriving spirit that remembers to celebrate the entire year. But when you forget, forgive yourself and smile.

Think uplifting thoughts. It is far easier to notice the happiness in every moment. Enjoying the journey as you nurture the best in what you truly are. It is striving at being healthy in all areas of our lives.

Today is the first day of a new year. (No matter when you discover this page.) If you are ready to explore your inner fantastic maybe my artwork can be your touchstone? Do you want my artwork to remind you to smile genuine smiles and think uplifting thoughts? Be happy no matter what date and year is on the calendar.

I am an artist, illustrator and visual storyteller. I percolate thoughts with words and images to inspire others with uplifting messages that change lives in positive ways. You can find me here or at my face book page thoughtimagescom or my website . . . love . . . light . . . laughter . . . Lorraine Mullett